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How long is the shelf life of disposable paper cup? How long is the shelf life of disposable paper cup?

How long is the shelf life of disposable paper cup?

How long is the shelf life of disposable paper cup?
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How long is the shelf life of disposable paper cup?

At present, the quality of disposable paper cups on the market is uneven, with great hidden dangers, and most families keep them improperly, so that makes the cups damp and moldy, causing the breeding of bacteria and fungi. If we use these cups, it will be harmful to our body and easily cause respiratory diseases. When buying disposable paper cups, the most important thing is to look at the production date and shelf life.

Generally, the shelf life of disposable paper cups is 2-3 years, but some disposable paper cups are labeled, so we need to identify carefully.

In order to make the cups look whiter, some paper cup manufacturers add a large of fluorescent whitening agents, which can mutate cells and become potential carcinogens if they enter the human body. In order to make the paper cups be water-proof, a layer of polyethylene water-proof film will be coated on the inner wall. Polyethylene is the safest chemical substance in food processing. However, if the raw materials are not good or the processing technology is not qualified, the polyethylene may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds during hot melting or coating on the paper cup. Carbonyl compounds are not easy to volatilize at normal temperature, but they may volatilize when pouring hot water into a paper cup, so people will smell odor. Long term ingestion is harmful to our body.



Can expired disposable paper cups still be used?

For health reasons, it is recommended that you do not use expired paper cups, because if the paper cups are kept for a long time, they are prone to damp and mildew, causing the breeding of bacteria and fungi and respiratory diseases.

In 2013, media reported that a 7-year-old girl from china had a sore throat, cough and red eyes due to drinking water from an expired disposable paper cup.Doctors suggest that when using disposable cups, you should buy regular products, pay attention to the shelf life of the cups, and rinse its inner wall with boiling water before using it.


Can we drink hot water with a disposable paper cup?

The inner wall of disposable paper cup does have a smooth layer. A small part of the coating is paraffin, and most of it is polyethylene that is really safe.According to the standard, paraffin is a safe material that can come into contact with food. The melting point of paraffin is very high, which can reach more than 200 degrees.If it melts in hot water as rumor, you can prompt see that wax oil is floating on the water.PVC that we often use is also high temperature resistant, and the cost is not high.High purity is its another prominent feature and almost does not contain any chemical additives, such as plasticizer and bisphenol A.