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How to select the disposable paper cups? How to select the disposable paper cups?

How to select the disposable paper cups?

How to select the disposable paper cups?
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How to select the disposable paper cups?

Tips for choosing paper cups:

Firstly, When choosing paper cups, you can place paper cups under the fluorescent lamp, if the cups are blue, that means a lot of fluorescent agents may be added, and consumers should buy it with caution.

第二 查看有无QS安全标志,一般有QS标志的即为安全产品。

Secondly, to check whether there is QS certificate, generally, the product having QS mark is safe.

第三 用手捏杯身的挺度,如果杯子软塌塌的,那么倒入果汁或者饮料后很可能就出现杯子变形、漏水、严重的可能纸杯端不起来影响使用。此外也可以通过观察纸杯的外形和印刷来判断纸杯的质量。

Thirdly, through pinching the body of paper cup to identify whether the cup is soft or collapsed, if it is, the cup is likely to be deformed and leakage when holding fruit juice or beverage.In addition, the quality of paper cup can be distinguished by observing their appearance and printing.

第四 不要选择颜色过白的纸杯,越白越亮的纸杯也可能添加了大量的荧光剂。

Fourthly, avoid choosing paper cups that look too white. The whiter the paper the more likely to be added a lot of fluorescent agents.

第五 闻气味,若有异味尽量不要选购。能闻到很重很重的油墨味或者是因为一次性纸杯保存不当受潮而产生的霉味,杯子如果有很严重的油墨味的话可能不是用的食品级油墨,那么杯子要赶紧丢弃不要购买和使用。

Fifthly, to smell the paper cups, if there is a peculiar odor, try not to buy. When you smell ink or musty, do not buy such paper cups. The heavy ink odor means not use the food grade ink while the musty means not get a proper storage. We should definitely avoid purchasing this type of paper cups.

In short, if you want to buy some disposable paper cups, you must buy paper cups with quality assurance. Don't be greedy for low price. Unqualified paper cups are often very soft and easily deformed when filled with liquid. Some paper cups have poor sealing, and the bottom is easy to leak and scald your hand by hot water.